By joining CACN, your company becomes part of a widely-recognized, action-oriented organization that provides benefits which directly impact your business…and your bottom line.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Strengthens your company’s brand reputation through membership affiliation;
  • Provides ongoing information and knowledge exchange through monthly newsletter, regular Webinars and seminars, and news bulletins;
  • Invitation to participate in CACN’s Training & Education Committee, Legislative Committee and/or Outreach Committee;
  • Draws public awareness to issues that may be prevalent in your industry through affiliation with media, government and law enforcement;
  • Provides an opportunity for your company to help advocate for legislative change and engage with law enforcement on product counterfeiting and piracy issues;
  • Offers participation in CACN’s training and education programs, including access to sessions held with/for law enforcement and government officials nationwide.

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Health & Safety
Counterfeit goods may pose a serious threat to consumer health and safety.
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