Spot a Fake

Stay Safe, Spot a Fake!

The following tips will help you separate counterfeit products from genuine products:

  • low-priceBeware of products that are suspiciously marked down to bargain prices. If the deal is too good to be true, it is clear indication the item may not be legitimate.


  • shopping-on-lineWhere are you buying the product? Counterfeit goods are sometimes sold on online auction sites where you’ll have less chance to scrutinize and inspect the product. Be aware that many counterfeiters don’t issue receipts or charge sales tax.


  • csaCheck the product for CSA or UL International certification label. If you cannot find the safety agency’s logo, check its Website for its log of certification records.


  • spelling-mistakes
  • Look for spelling mistakes or incorrect logos.


  • dvdsIs the DVD movie you are buying still showing in theatres? Is it packaged with pixilated artwork that does not match the movie’s promotional theatre posters? Is the back of the disc dark blue or purple? If so, the vendor is probably trying to sell you a pirated copy.

Trending FAKES

Phone Chargers

cell-phone-chargers400 cell phone adapters were tested, and 99% failed.  99% posed a fire or shock risk to the user. 12 were so poorly designed and constructed they posed a risk of lethal electrocution to the user. Typically an apple phone charger is $19 and a lower price may indicate you’re buying an uncertified product.  Learn to identify an uncertified product, click here

Health & Safety
Counterfeit goods may pose a serious threat to consumer health and safety.
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