CACN’s Cyber Security Consultation Submission

CACN has proposed that the government institute a new federal office charged with protecting innovators, consumers, and legitimate businesses from increasing harms of counterfeit goods, online piracy and fraud. The new federal office would eliminate the current fragmentation amongst federal departments and would be a mechanism for coordinated partnership between government departments, business and the Canadian public.

To read the full letter, cybersecurity-consultation-letter_cacn


Civil and Cultural Works by using of Drones

Civil and Cultural Works by using of Drones

Drones have necessitated formidable technologies that facilitate a variety of business of communities. They relate to planes that go at supersonic rates and may cover a broad region, dependent on their callings.essay writing Drones have been during the past would once secure nations around the world next to terrorists, niche merchandise, and manage boundary areas. Having said that, with promising requires successful programs in trades, organizations have been able to develop superior drones which may carry out a wide range of solutions. Many agencies and countries have appreciated drones into their on a daily basis work, because of their freedom and benefit (Oliver, 2013). Read More

CACN’s Response to Australia’s Plain Packaging Law

CACN supports a strong message from Canada that it does not support the proposed action of Australia’s plain packaging regime. The regime not only sets a precedent that threatens to adversely affect Canada’s trading rights, possibly leading to excessively-restrictive packaging requirements for any product, arguably raising a health issue, but also has negative implications in the battle against trade in all counterfeit products.

CACN has sent a letter to the Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade in response to the plain packaging WTO dispute brought by the Ukraine against Australia in which Canada has observer status.