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CACN offers a series of year-round training sessions for law enforcement, customs agencies and related government agencies. The sessions are customizable for agency needs and incorporate both a lecture and tradtraining2eshow format— with a strong focus on hands-on training. The sessions can be offered either in Webinar format or as an in-class session (half- or full-day program, available nationally).

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Health & Safety

  • Examining counterfeit goods that pose a health/safety risk;
  • Tips/techniques to identify authentic vs. counterfeit (unsafe) products;
  • Exploring third-party certification and testing marks (CSA, UL, etc.); and
  • Best practices on how to deal with these high-risk cases.


  • Bill C-8: Canada’s Combating Counterfeit Products Act (overview of provisions); and
  • Tips/techniques on other legislation used in the battle against counterfeit and pirated products.

Case Studies

  • Real-world examples of counterfeit goods’ impact on global economy and public safety;
  • Exploring the full cycle of international crime and measures to break the cycle; and
  • Examples of how brands work with customs and law enforcement agencies, and related government agencies–both domestically and globally–to target criminals and seize counterfeit goods.


To register your company* for a session, please contact Cherith Sinasac at or 647-361-5066.
* available to customs and law enforcement agencies, and related government agencies

Health & Safety
Counterfeit goods may pose a serious threat to consumer health and safety.
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