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By joining CACN, your company becomes part of a widely-recognized, action-oriented organization that provides benefits which directly impact consumer safety, the Canadian economy…and your business’ bottom line.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Networking & Knowledge Exchange: gain access to resource guides for brand owners, shared tips, trends and industry best practises. Build your network with leading service providers and  brand protection experts, law enforcement, customs, policy makers and other brand owners.
  • Education & Training:  educate & train law enforcement and customs to detect, prosecute, and prevent counterfeiting, piracy and fraudulent activity. 
  • Advocacy & Awareness: raise awareness among policy makers, law markers, and customers of the economic and safety impact caused by counterfeiting, piracy and fraud.  

Who Can Become a Member?

  • Brand owners
  • Associations
  • Regulators and certification bodies
  • Legal and investigative firms
  • Service providers and other affiliates
  • Law enforcement, customs agents, government representatives (individual or company membership available: complimentary registration)

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Membership Brochure

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