Steering Committee

Chair: Rob Whalen, JUUL
Vice Chair: Lisa Deere, Underwriters Laboratories 
Vice Chair: Paul Stella, Toyota Canada
Past Chair: Lorne Lipkus, Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP
Sundeep Chauhan, Motion Picture Association of Canada
Vladimir Gagachev, Eaton
Antonio Rocha, Siemens
Dani Peters, Alliance of Safe Online Pharmacies
Graham Hood, Smart & Biggar LLP
Gurvinder Chopra, Electro-Federation Canada
Ray Varcho, CSA Group
Isha Dave, CSA Group
Warren MacInnis, Underwriters Laboratories
Andrew Pottier, Underwriters Laboratories
Ekaterina Lutovinova, Electro-Federation Canada (Controller)
Swati Patel, Electro-Federation Canada (Secretariat)
Trisha Utomi, Electro-Federation Canada

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