COVID-19 Counterfeits

Buyer beware: COVID-19 scams and products are on the rise. In the midst of a global pandemic, fraudsters are facilitating scams worldwide. These products may be dangerous to your health.

Beware of These Fake COVID-19 Products, Services & Offers:

  • Masks
  • Coronavirus Test Kits
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Some cleaning products (beware of inflated prices)
  • Miracle Cures
  • Drugs
  • Medical Devices
  • Vaccinations
  • Fradulent charities (verify that the charity is registered)
  • Unsolicited emails, texts requesting payment and/or offering compensation, financial relief etc.

Government Resources/ Information

Health Canada

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Latest in the News

Counterfeit Goods: Hard to Resist, But Potentially Deadly

Crime Stoppers wants your tips on who’s selling things like fake makeup or electrical goods at a pop-up store or elsewhere. They might hurt you, burn you…maybe even kill you. Read full press release here.

Watch the Global T.V. interview ‘Global BC Crime Stoppers Asking for Help on Counterfeit Crimes’ below:

CACN to Have Representation in Microscopy Training Program

A professor from UWO reached out to CACN requesting representation to participate in a unique training program on microscopic imaging techniques (see details below). Vladimir Gagachev, Eaton, and a member of CACN’s Steering Committee has offered to participate in this program as a representative of CACN. Vladimir’s technical background makes him a very good fit for this role. If members have any questions about this program, please contact Vladimir at

Background: The proposed “Meeting Microscopy Training Needs for Government, Industry, and Fundamental Research (MICROTRAIN) CREATE program aims to train highly-qualified personnel in advanced microscopic imaging techniques, as well as the digital transformation and analysis of collected data. Modern microscopes, and the digital data they collect, are essential tools in a variety of sectors, including government (forensic analysis, anti-counterfeiting, national defense, and health care), industry (manufacturing, pharmaceutical, consumer product, nuclear, and aerospace), and fundamental research.

Considering all segments and applications, the global microscopy market is poised to reach $6.72 billion (USD) by 2021, an impressive compound annual growth rate of 7.5% from $4.68 billion in 2016 (Markets and Markets). This CREATE program aims to train microscopy experts for employment in these strategic sectors and to enable the translation of microscopy-based fundamental research from academic labs to industry, for the benefit of all Canadians. This Letter of Intent involves 11 applicants, nine confirmed industrial partners, and four institutional facilities, which will push the frontiers of microscopy techniques and provide Canada with industry-ready HQP.


CACN’s Cyber Security Consultation Submission

CACN has proposed that the government institute a new federal office charged with protecting innovators, consumers, and legitimate businesses from increasing harms of counterfeit goods, online piracy and fraud. The new federal office would eliminate the current fragmentation amongst federal departments and would be a mechanism for coordinated partnership between government departments, business and the Canadian public.

To read the full letter, cybersecurity-consultation-letter_cacn