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Spot a Fake

How can you spot a real from a fake? Here are tips to help you separate counterfeit products from genuine products:

1. Low Prices

Beware of products that are suspiciously marked down to bargain prices. If the deal is too good to be true, it is clear indication the item may not be legitimate.

2. Where are you buying your products?

Counterfeit goods are sometimes sold on online auction sites where you’ll have less chance to scrutinize and inspect the product. Be aware that many counterfeiters don’t issue receipts or charge sales tax.

3.  CSA or UL International certification label

Check the product for CSA or UL International certification label. If you cannot find the safety agency’s logo, check its Website for its log of certification records.

4. Spelling Mistakes or Incorrect Logos

Look for spelling mistakes or incorrect logos.

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