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Buyer Beware

Jan. 25, 2023 – Online Marketplace Buyer Scammed with counterfeit Rolex

Counterfeiters use websites that have the same look and feel as a legitimate manufacturer to sell products at big discounts. The products are far inferior and could pose significant health risks.

Red Flags to Watch For
Warnings posted online
No customer phone number or email listed on the website
An odd or different name on your credit card statement
The transaction is in different currency
The product packaging has no labels
The quality of product is bad
The price is hugely discounted

Beware of counterfeit electrical Products

Identify Counterfeit Marks


Protect yourself against dangerous, counterfeit electrical components
Awareness against counterfeits





Did you know Torrent websites infect 12 million users a month with malware!  Just remember, nothing is free!
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Did you know that much of the profit from pirated DVDs goes to fund terrorism & organized crime?  It’s not just handbags & sneakers that are fakes, from urine in knock off perfumes to fake food, car parts, electronic equipment, wines, medical instruments, toys and even your medications, counterfeit items pose a real safety risk to consumers and society.
Be especially careful when shopping online!torrent-sites