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About Us

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The Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network (CACN) is a coalition of individuals, businesses and associations that have united in the fight against product counterfeiting, fraud and copyright piracy in Canada and abroad.

Chair: Rob Whalen
Vice Chair: Lisa Deere, UL
Vice Chair: Paul Stella, Toyota Canada
Past Chair: Lorne Lipkus, Lipkus Law

OUR VISION: To eliminate counterfeit, fraud, and copyright piracy in Canada.

OUR MISSION: To connect, educate, and advocate for brand owners to detect, respond to, and prevent counterfeiting, piracy, and fraudulent activity.


  • Networking & Knowledge Exchange: Gain access to resource guides for brand owners, shared tips, trends and industry best practises. Build your network with leading service providers and  brand protection experts, law enforcement, customs, policy makers and other brand owners.
  • Education & Training: educate & train law enforcement and customs to detect, prosecute, and prevent counterfeiting, piracy and fraudulent activity.
  • Advocacy & Awareness:Raise awareness among policy makers, law markers, and customers of the economic and safety impact caused by counterfeiting, piracy and fraud.


Counterfeiting has become a huge, highly-organized, global criminal activity. Over a decade ago, counterfeit goods were limited in volume and variety – but today, they have escalated to unprecedented levels. Counterfeit and pirated products extend across many categories.

Types of Commodities Commonly Seized 

Many of these illegal products pose a serious threat towards consumer health and safety. In fact, there has been a significant rise in the number of occurrences involving harmful counterfeit products – from 11.5% in 2005 to 30.4% in 2012.

Counterfeiting and piracy undermine legitimate businesses, depriving companies of revenue and affecting their brand reputation.

RCMP Currency Counterfeiting Statistics

Counterfeit prevention: Check your bank notes

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